COCO's Immune System Boost

With our health and wellbeing on the forefront of everyone’s minds we wanted to break down our go to immune boosts.

  1. Sleep, rest and more rest. 

Breaking down muscles during workouts or our minds during our long work days we need to be kind to our bodies and give them the love and support they give us throughout the day with a little RNR. The more we still our minds and bodies – we can learn how to listen to what our needs are and sometimes just being can be the hardest but best thing to do!

  1. Vitamins 

Whether you drink cold pressed juices or eat a balanced meal, it’s still good during these times of Covid to add an extra boost to your daily routine with vitamin  C, D3, B12, B6, Copper and Zinc.  It’s very important to choose vitamins that are GMP certified to ensure you are getting what it says on the bottle. Since supplements are not regulated, you aren’t necessarily getting what it says on the bottle! We have linked some of our favorite brands bellow.

  1. Yoga, Laughter, Walk, Repeat

Laughter decreases stress hormones, increases endorphins and increases immune cells. So relax with a book or click on your favorite comedy show and just laugh. 

Gentle movements such as yoga and walking decrease your cortisol levels and increases your endorphins. If we speak in scientific terms - endorphin’s stimulate the immune system by activating white blood cells to help protect your body from infections. So you don’t have to always to kill yourself at the gym – its ok to corps pose your way through your workout.



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