Covid 15

Trying to stay fit during COVID? Who isn’t?! 

We looked high and low to find the best go to workouts from the women that help keep us motivated. 

Well known fitness trainer Berenice Fitzpatrick has the best upper body and high intensity workouts on her Instagram @ladyfit following her many at home/gym workouts she gives nutritional advice so you can fuel your body in the best ways possible.

Fitness Trainer @pineapplebrat offers great no equipment full body at home workouts which is much appreciated due to the circumstances during this time. HIIT workouts are something we have truly been enjoying especially to lose that stubborn fat. The mommy blogger @caraloren gives countless exercises she does to stay in shape while juggling around three children. One of her HIIT circuits help with cardio and burning out the legs. Will most definitely make your body sore the next day.

While branching off to different social media platforms, we have found many helpful workouts as well provided a few of our own on the app TikTok @cocoonthego you are able to find a few ideas for at home workouts.  Also, we gain advice from other fitness bloggers on the app like @mariasteixeira_ she shows her following many different ways to activate and build the glute muscles.

Beginning Cleaner Eating Habits

There’s no other perfect time to start losing that quarantine weight with these recipes given by lovely @delicouslyella from her “Quick & Easy” cookbook . The recipes are all plant-based and help aid to a healthier clean lifestyle. It is so much easier to switch to healthier lifestyle when finding recipes you truly enjoy. To the point where it no longer feels like a chore to replace processed foods with meals that have more nutritional value. 

After working out it is amazing to get a jump start to muscle recovery. One of our many favorite post workout meals include salmon and steamed vegetables served along with brown rice. We try and include greens and protein in every meal throughout the day. If you prefer to stick to a lighter snack but still packed with protein we recommend using the Women’s Best protein powder. They provide many different supplements targeted for your specific needs!


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