What’s better than one pair of leggings? TWO! 

And what’s better than one sports bra? TWO!

...we’re noticing a pattern here. Everyone loves to maximize their wardrobe, and reversible pieces are the perfect way to do just that! Our new Gabbi leggings and Gabbi Sports Bra are designed to be reversible so you can switch up your style depending on your mood.

What’s great about our Gabbi styles is that they allow you to be bold, but in a subtle way. The unique pattern and texture of the fabric can give the illusion of different patterns depending on how you look at it. But the best part is definitely that you automatically add options to your wardrobe!

If you buy the set it’s like buying four different workout outfits at once. Who else is freaking out right now? You’ll go to the gym looking fresh and fabulous each day without anyone knowing or suspecting that you’re cheating the system.

What is your favorite kind of workout? Do you enjoy hot yoga? Perhaps a morning spin class? Or maybe you prefer a nice run outside. Regardless of your exercise preference, the Gabbi style is fitting for your needs. The capri length of the leggings make them very versatile for a range of workouts, and the full support coverage of the sports bra makes it ideal for just about any routine.

Are you ready to fill your workout wardrobe without cluttering your closet? Order your Gabbi leggings and sport bra today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in your pictures while wearing your leggings!

Gabbi Legging and Sports Bra

Gabbi Legging and Sports Bra

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