Gut Health:

One of our favorite bloggers and foodies -@lilsipper, has taught us great information on gut health, which food to avoid and why, and how to nourish the gut through mouth watering recipes.

She recently published a book that is due to release this October! You can preorder now on Amazon

Or if you can’t wait until October you can always reference her IG @lilsipper or blog.

With her 10 steps to healing your gut, healthy tips, products she has researched and approved - you are sure to be hooked!

When our gut doesnt feel as compact as we like,  some of our favorite pieces that helps us feel more confident though out the day, is the Rey Legging and Justine Legging - with their high waist band that has just the right amount of hold, your bloating will be held in by these favorite go to’s. 


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