Getting back into a good routine can be a challenge, but we’ve come up with some ideas on how you can keep up the momentum going in 2019 without losing track of your resolutions! Workdays and weekends have a tendency to blend together after the holidays are over, but these 5 tips will keep your goals in check and your mind at ease as you cruise your way through another great year.

Tip 1: Set Aside Time. This might sound silly, or even intuitive, but believe it or not most people struggle with being able to simply set aside time for themselves. Actually penciling time into your daily schedule to relax, or go to the gym, will hold you accountable to actually follow through. Just as you would schedule a meeting with your colleagues at work, schedule meetings with yourself throughout the week to take some “me” time.

Tip 2: Weekends are weekends! It’s easy to let your workweek bleed into your personal time, but weekends are there for a reason! Make sure you’re taking full advantage of your time off the clock and choose to spend it with friends or family. Schedule an extra yoga class or treat yourself to something new like a dance class. Getting an extra cardio boost over the weekend is a great way to get your body pumped up for the workweek ahead. So forget about the emails - they can wait until Monday - and go enjoy spending some time outdoors!

Tip 3: Put the phone down! Potentially the hardest of all, spending time away from your phone can do wonders for your mind. Whether you choose to use your time engaging with friends and family or maybe you prefer to spend some time meditating and clearing your mind completely, it is a good idea to make a habit of spending some time away from your phone each day. Trust us, Instagram will still be there when you get back.

Tip 4: Try something new! One major reason why we tend to fall out of our resolution routines and healthy habits is because we limit ourselves to the same mundane workout or diet each and every day and expect ourselves to stay excited about it. The truth is, monotony is boring and we need some differentiation in our routines to keep ourselves engaged! So switch up your workout routine every once and awhile, challenge yourself with a new class or join a friend at their favorite gym. Throwing some variety into your workout routine will keep you excited and feeling continually challenged each step of the way.

Tip 5: Sleep! If you think you get enough sleep, you’re probably wrong. A good night’s sleep is the foundation to success both during the week and over the weekend. While you’re enjoying your time off, be sure not to run your body into the ground over the weekend because you’ll end up paying for it during the work week.

Take these tips into account and you’ll be crushing your 2019 goals in no time! And as you go from weekends to weekdays, our collection of COCO On The go Leggings has you covered for every activity on your schedule.

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  • Brad Harper

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