Our Favorite Tanning Alternatives

Who doesn’t love the feeling of sunshine and fresh air! Our bodies say MORE and our heads say STOP!

Although our bodies manufacture D3 from ultraviolet B rays – it also damages our skin cells and speeds up visible signs of aging and increase our chances of skin cancer.

"There is no question that ultraviolet exposure is associated with an increased risk of melanoma," says Fisher, who is also the president of the Society for Melanoma Research. 

To stay away from the suns negative affects we give you our alternatives to achieving that golden goddess look.

Even Marie Claire named South Seas girl boss owners tanning formula one of the top non streaking formulas out there.

Tan-Towel are perfect for traveling and give you that extra confient booster you need before you show off that new COCO set. 

If you like just a little sun-kissed look for your face these pads are an amazing travel go to!

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