Spring is here and we’re obsessing over our new Spring Collection. Unique textures and patterns are boldly at the forefront of this collection, inspired by some of the original designs the COCO on the go brand was founded on. These bold designs and textures are complemented by soft airy pastels and bright fun colors to keep you feeling fashionable and energized as you get out of your winter coma and put a new spring in your step!

At COCO on the go, Spring is one of our favorite seasons. The days are longer, weather is warmer, and everywhere you look there are new beginnings. Our hopes for the Spring Collection is that women will be inspired to be confident in who they are and take initiative to go after their goals. We’re always hearing women say, “I can’t wear white, or that color is too light or bright for my body type.” Well we’re saying GOODBYE to that mindset and encouraging you to try something new! Go for the colors and patterns that speak to you the most even if it’s not something that is in your normal wardrobe. You should look at your leggings and smile because they’re so pretty and fun that you just can’t wait to put them on, and that is exactly the type of style that this collection offers.

As you spring into a new season, here are some tips from our founder, Nicole Bowyer on how to keep moving full speed ahead: Own your style. Walk confidently with your head held high and your shoulders back in whatever bold and colorful combinations you choose to wear each day. Your style is a reflection of you and I want every COCO on the go woman to exude confidence as she walks down the street or into the yoga studio!

Don’t get overwhelmed by your goals, remember: slow and steady wins the race. It’s easy to jump into the deep end of a new routine and quickly get discouraged, allow yourself time to approach everything in baby steps and you will be checking off all of your accomplishments in no time!

So are you ready to step up your style game in Spring? Find your favorite style of COCO on the go leggings, or one of our new fashionable jumpsuits and tag us in your pictures on Instagram so we can see how you’re rocking your COCOs!

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