Workout Band workouts - Favorite Booty Moves

The new COCO fitness bands are a great way to spice up your workout and build that booty you have been dreaming of. The key to building anything is consistency. We recommend using a calendar to write out your weekly workouts and schedule the time and date that they will be completed. 

By scheduling in your activity, you make a date with yourself that you cannot miss. 

Here are some great people we follow on Instagram for some booty band workouts and just some great inspiration @ainsley @anita_herbert @karinaelle

Some of our favorite go to booty band workouts are glute kickbacks, fire hydrant, lateral band walk, side leg lifts, banded squats, banded flute bridges, clamshell exercise, donkey kicks, banded hip thrusts, and curtsy lunge

A great article to read is at 

If you’re in a time crunch and need your COCOs to give you that booty pop, try the Aztec Legging or the Wave legging. They hold you in and prop you up, for that lifted booty appeal. And who wouldn’t want that?!


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