Labor Day in Your COCO's

I have been living in my charlotte and Gabbi sets.

Between some summer gloom mornings and hot afternoons the special fabric of the Charlotte and Gabbi Leggings keep me cozy in the mornings and cooler in the afternoons.

Not to mention with my belly expanding from IVF followed by surgery on my hernia I have been needing softer fabrics that mold to the needs of my belly.

While recovering but still needing to be presentable my next go to piece this month has been the Mika Legging in black.  Its similar texture and feel to the charlotte and doesn’t get in the way of my healing stitches. I can wear them with heels, a. blouse and blazer and I am set for my meeting. Or I can wear them with my Lori Bra in Black with sandals and walk straight into my yoga class.  My designs are multifunctional while still maintaining their flattery. 


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